Discovery Channel | try delving into the science by this flagship channel

Saturday, March 21, 2020
Discovery Channel | try delving into the science by this flagship channel

Discovery Channel is the flagship channel in the US television which is owned by Discovery Incorporation and managed by David Zaslav and has set the record for the third network in the world which has the highest number of subscribers.

What are the different programs in this channel and what changes has it undergone?

The first airing of this popular channel dates back to June 17, 1985. In its early days, it would only show scientific findings and the technologies at hand but since 2010s it also started incorporating some reality shows and programs which designed to discuss the future possibilities.

The channel started poor but its popularity today is undeniable for everyone!

Discovery Channel would come on air only 12 hours a day from 3 pm to 3 am and the total number of the people who watched its shows were around 156 thousand individuals. Its popularity now is incomparable where the number of its viewers now amounts to around 409 million individuals.

The channel wanted to do better by some new programs but it started to backfire!

In the 2000s, Discovery Channel decided to include some TV series such as American Chopper in order to increase its educational sense. This matter resulted in a decline in the number of its viewers. It was right this cause which made the channel runners delete them from its show lists.

Discovery Channel has built the largest exhibition in the Times Square!

On June 24, 2009, the channel opened the largest exhibition in the New York City Times Square where it would present its travelers with some educational findings. But in the September of 2016 due to unknown reasons it was closed.

The longest TV program in this channel which has become a part of the American culture!

Shark Week is the most well-known TV program which was first aired on the Discovery Channel in 1987 and it has been the longest TV program in the television history. Its aim was to change humans’ misconceptions about these animals which has now become a part of the American culture.

In 2006 the Discovery Channel achieved the first ever live show by Michael Lopez-Alegria!

In 2006, the Discovery Channel made history by broadcasting the first ever TV program where commander Michael Lopez-Alegria was reporting live from a station out in space. Their motto ever since their launch has been “The world is ours!”.

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