College GameDay | a pre-game program about the college football games

Friday, March 20, 2020
College GameDay | a pre-game program about the college football games

College GameDay is a talk show program, first aired in 1987, which is broadcast on Saturday Mornings before the games begin. It does not have a fixed location and the program goes to the location of the team which is hosting that day’s match featuring some analysts talking about the game of the day plus the recent news.

After undergoing a major change in 1993, College GameDay shows got longer!

The show began by Tim Brando, Lee Corso, and Beano Cook. In the early days, they would only review the games which were about to be played but in 1987, it had a major change in ts programs by bringing in some live broadcasts to its shows too. This both increased its viewers just like the TV shows Monday Night Football, and Soccer Saturday and also went from 2 to 3 hours.

What are the different parts of the show and who are its current hosts?

The program includes the routine talks about the coming games and also the day’s news for the first part. At the end of the show the hosts and the commentators on the show give their predictions of that day’s match. The current hosts of the show are Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, and Desmond Howard and a celebrity who they bring in each show.

Which celebrity has come on the show the most and which one has had the best predictions?

The celebrity who is invited to the program is usually a well-known athlete or a famous radio figure. The professional basketball player Charles Barkley has had the highest number of appearances on the show and Alex Rodrigues has had the highest number of correct predictions.

Kirk Herbstreit faces a lot of criticisms about the comment he made on Corona Virus!

In the April 2, 2020, the commentator Kirk Herbstreit made some comments about the outbreak of the pandemic Corona virus saying that given the current situation, he is doubtful if the games will start on time. After that, a large mass of criticisms came towards him saying that he does not get to make such a bold prediction about the future of the games.

College GameDay was criticized for its bias about the east coast ignoring elsewhere!

One of the criticisms to College GameDay was about its discriminating attention to the east coast games while it would only play two seasons of the west coast games. Later, ESPN said that the reason is because the west coast games are not as many while this show begins early at 7 in the morning and also the quality of the games are not good.

How can I watch the College football games on College GameDay after Corona virus ends?

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