Wicked Tuna | fish fighting in hard conditions

Sunday, March 15, 2020
Wicked Tuna | fish fighting in hard conditions

Wicked Tuna TV series is going to take a look at one of the oldest industries in the United States of America which is fishing and how the individuals compete against each other to see who can catch more fish. Meanwhile, it will also show you how this industry is endangering the life of the bluefin tuna.

What is bluefin, where can we find it, and how much does it weigh?

Bluefin is one of the species of the Scombridae family which is found in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. They weigh up to 680 kg and are found to be the competitors of some other fish like black marlin. In the first season, the crew sets off to New England as their first destination where they continue on their trips and in their first catch, they are able to net a $10,000 fish. They also once caught a fish weighing 1100 pounds.

What is the spin-off of this show and where does it take place?

Nat Geo decided to produce a spin-off after the end of the second season of this TV show named Wicked Tun: North VS. South as the first season and its second season was called Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks. All of the episodes of this spin-off happen in the coast of North Carolina.

How is the situation in the south and what happens after new fishermen go there?

Some of the fishermen like Captain Dave Marciano and Captain TJ Ott had a disappointing experience in the north of Atlanta fishing bluefin. As a result, they decided to move south to see if they can make up for their losses. They are so desparate and even take more individuals to help them with their new venture. But they are not welcome there. As these ships and boats arrive there, they are met by gunshots from the southerners saying that you do not belong here.

How is the weather in the Outer Banks and what do the fishermen do?

Six of the boats decide to go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in order to see if they can get anything. Among these fishing boats, Dave Marciano is so stressed out because he has not been able to catch anything and if it goes on like this, he an not afford living in Carolinas. The winter has come doubling their struggle as now it is not just the weather they have to deal with but also the hard conditions which they have to fight because they have no other choices.

What are the names of some of the winners in this series and what do they get?

Here are the names of the winners of the first 3 seasons: Dave Carraro, Tyler MCLaughlin, and Dave Carraro. It is not known for sure what they get as the prize but according to their interviews, they get a little amount of cash plus some fish which are worth even more for them.

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