Into the Dark | a Halloween transfer of the dead bodies

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Into the Dark | a Halloween transfer of the dead bodies

In the ceremonies, especially the big ones, we are all in the brown study and in the clouds. We do not know what we are doing because the heat of the party is so high. Now we are going into Halloween by the TV series Into the Dark where a group of people are taking advantage of the chaos to do their dirty job. But things do not go smooth for them.

You only have four hours to deliver this body which is way too much!

The main character of this show is a man named Wilkes who performs the role of the hitman in this series. He has gained a fortune from his business as you will tell after you see his house. He has signed a contract with a group of people which requires him to transfer bodies for them. He is given four hours which is too much for a regular day but it is different for today because it is Halloween.

Wilkes is shocked after he comes out of the bar and does not know how to carry the body!

Wilkes was eating a piece of the Sardinian casu marzu and as he gets this task, he comes out of the bar to go about his business. But he is surprised after he sees his car has been vandalized. He asks his friend Maggie for help. They both go to Maggie’s boss but are cheated after her boss finds out that they are carrying a body. Wilkes and Maggie get trapped in a room while her boss is trying to escape with the body which Wilkes had.

The boss gets blamed for the murder while Maggie and Wilkes grow on each other!

Soon, the police arrive and finds the boss and his friend with the body. They are now framed for a murder they did not commit. In the meantime, Maggie and Wilkes, who were in the room start to like each other who have also proven their loyalty to each other. Maggie has a free spirit and that is the quality which Wilkes is a great fan of because he is also the same.

Maggie knows that they do not call a person a hitman for nothing!

Although they both have started to like each other, Maggie knows the danger Wilkes can cause her because a hitman must be very coldhearted. What was expected happens and Wilkes knives Maggie. He then escapes with the dead body but as he arrives at the destination, Maggie appears on the spot and shoots and kills him.

Into the Dark, produced by Tevin Adelman and Scott Fort, has been approved by most of the critics gaining a rating of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What happens in the end? What other similr series do you recommend?

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