Animal Planet | get into the wild and spend some time with the animals

Friday, February 7, 2020
Animal Planet | get into the wild and spend some time with the animals

Animal Planet is one of the pay TV channels in America which was established on October 1, 1996. This is one of the most popular TV channels in all over the world that every individual has heard its name at least for once.

What are the programs in the channel and who can watch them?

Over 24 years has passed from its launch and it has become more and more popular everyday because it is showing you the true nature with its creatures. At first it would only show programs which were suitable for adults but later the programs changed where children could also enjoy watching them. It does not just show the animals in the wild but also brings you to the pet shops, veterinarians’, and all of those who are active in working with animals.

Why is this channel worth watching? Who first created this channel?

What makes this channel nicer is that it uses reality shows bringing you straight into the habitats of the wild animals and shows you what they do in order to survive.

This channel was established by Discovery Communications and BBC Worldwide cooperating together which was a good investment by these two companies and it has added both to their reputation and also to their revenues.

The quality and number of the programs got so high that only 15 years after the launch of the channel, D.C. Thomson & Co. partnered with the channel to start its magazine in the United Kingdom and its first magazine was issued on February 16, 2011.

What are some of the most popular shows on Animal Planet and how can I read about them?

There have been many popular programs on this channel some which have finished but here are some of the top programs which are being shown in 2020: Pit Bulls and Parolees, Crickey! It’s the Irwins, Extinct or Alive, Lone Star Law, and many more. We have separate and elaborate blogs on each of these programs which you can read about in our blog section.

What was the program Finding Bigfoot and how did the critics think about it?

One of the programs which faced a lot of criticisms by the TV critics was Finding Bigfoot. This show is going to take the viewers live to Australia and Indonesia and lots of questions were asked from the manager of Animal Planet, Marjorie Kaplan, in a Q&A session which was held by the channel. Like if they have a backroom contract with the producers of this program, or Animal Planet has run out of the reality programs, or if it is the next season of Mermaid program.

How did Kaplan reply to all of these criticsms and what did she say to all of the critics?

Kaplan’s answer to all of these questions was no. She said that we do not have any secret agreements with anyone, we have hundreds of other shows which are ready to be shown, and it is a separate program which is going to expand its search area to explore more species and it made her laugh after she was asked if it is a sequel to Mermaid saying that you are not familiar enough with the show.

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