VH1 | listen to top musics

Wednesday, February 5, 2020
VH1 | listen to top musics

One of the TV channels which can fill out your free time and give you pleasure and comfort is VH1 where you can listen to any music you like from any kind and any singer. You had better watch this TV channel with the best qualities because that is what is really needed for this channel to get the best out of it.

What is the source of the channel and its programs?

The owner of this channel is ViacomCBS who started the channel over 35 years ago. The channel was not originally started from scratch but it followed the path of MTV channel. It would first show some of the popular musics of this channel and also adopted all of the graphic elements of this TV channel. Later also started to include some music videos in its programs too.

What other programs did they decide to add to their existing programs?

Later they also decided to include some comedy shows in their channel too in order to attract more viewer. They would invite both experienced and also amature artists in their show in order to perform stand-ups. These programs were hosted by Rosie O’Donnell.

What were the other similar programs and when would they come on air?

The other show which they would bring on air only on weekends was called “Video Rewind” which would show all of the popular musics in a special year.

There was also another show which would come on air only for one hour and it was created to only attract more viewers where they would call the channel at 1-900 and place their own request for their favorite songs.

In 1991 they also produced a show named “Hits News $ Weather” which would be shown only in the mornings from 7 to 10.

When did they start a contest show and what did the contestants had to do?

In 1990, the channel started a new show in a contest form where the music lovers would call the show free to participate in a filling-out-the-blanks contest. Only 2 individuals could call the show at once to participate in the contest.

The prize of this show was a collection of 36 Chevrolet Corvettes. At the end of the tournaments, the winner was a man from New York City who sold the prize to Peter Max for $500 thousand.

Most of you throw big parties and in order to juice up that party, you will need to have  good song albums and even more important than that, a good quality with a good platform and device to show it on. You can use the link here to watch all of the musics of this channel in your Smart TV with the best qualities.

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