Tell Me a Story | a fairy tales thriller

Friday, January 10, 2020
Tell Me a Story | a fairy tales thriller

If you are looking for a TV series which will bring you all of the fairy tales which you have heard, then we invite you to watch the Tell Me a Story TV series which will bring you all of the stories about love, hate, murder, love, and loss which will be presented to you all in one TV series.

Kayla relocates but does not like the new place where they go to!

Kayla’s mother has died and she along with her father decide to change their house and go live with her grandmother named Colleen. She stays there a few days and starts going to school there too. But she does not like it there and decides to strike out on her own.

She meets a new guy and soon they get to like each other!

One day when she was at school, she gets exhausted and decides to escape from the school with one of her friends. They get out of there without any difficulty and get a fake ID for themselves so that they can get into a bar. They go in and Kayla meets a guy in there named Nick Sullivan with whom she clicks and soon they have sex together too.

Jordan Evans wants to marry Beth and have children with her!

Jordan Evans is one of the restaurant owners in that neighborhood. Soon she meets a girl named Beth and after some time they become friends with each other. Jordan wants to move things to the next level and marry her to have children but Beth does not accept it and they have a fight over it.

A jewelry store is in danger of being robbed by some youngsters!

Poverty has put a lot of pressure on people. A group of people who are in great need for money, decide to rob a jewelry store one night. Jordan and Evans have also buried the hatchet with each other and decided to marry each other so they go to the same jewelry store the same night.

Beth is not going to have the pleasure of getting married!

The saddest story which could happen to anyone, happens at that night when Jordan and Beth, the soon-to-be couples, get into the store and Beth gets shot dead after the robbers break in to steal everything. The police come in there and ask questions from everyone and whether they recognized anyone. Jordan, who is really taken aback, says that he only recalls the eye of one of them.

Where do the stories in this series come from and is it finished?

Tell Me a Story is based on the Spanish TV series Cuentame un Cuento which was first aired on CBS All Access. It is adapted by the famous stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Little Pigs, Beauty and the Beats, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, all of the famous and popular stores and cartoons that we are all familiar with.

The season 3 of this series is not yet for sure whether will be renewed or not but if you like to watch it in case of premiering, we invite everyone, especially kids, to purchase our 1-year iptv package to stream this series on any platform they like.

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