Vikings | the inhabitants of Norse home

Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Vikings | the inhabitants of Norse home

Vikings is one of the most popular and most watched TV series that everyone has heard its name and although around 7 years has passed since its first premier on March 3, 2013, it is still popular. It will go through the history of this group and how they established the first raid in the history of humanity.

What is the origin of this TV series and which parts of the world did they go to?

This true TV series, written and created by Michael Hirst, comes from the history of the Vikings which were a group lead by Ragnar Lothbrok and were called the Norse people. This Scandinavian group started their plundering from northern Europe and then went all the way across Europe and were known as the scourges of England and France.

Ragnar plans attacks to the west but his ruler rejects the idea!

It has been for a few days that Ragnar has been entertaining the idea of attacking west to steal some property. He offered this idea to his brother Rollo. He refused it at first but agreed afterwards. They both go to their ruler Earl Haraldson but he does not accept their offer. Ragnar sits on the idea for quite a while and then plans his own hunting trip to England.

He succeeds in his raiding but is not welcome by their ruler!

Ragnar goes to England and plunders there, stealing a lot of things. He comes back home thinking the king would be happy and thank them. But as he arrives at the shore of Kattegat, the king confiscates all they have stolen and only leaves one item of what they have robbed for each of them. But the king gets to like their job soon. Later, he orders Ragnar to go back again with Earl’s own brother to steal more. As they set foot in the land of England, they are met by a group of armed men who did not let them in but were later fought and killed by Ragnar’s men.

Ragnar and Rollo go into conflict where Ragnar’s private life gets broken too!

In the first episode of the season 2 we will see that Ragnar gets into a battle with his brother Rollo and can not get anywhere. Ragnar’s life has gone so bad too. He has slept with another lady and has also gotten her pregnant. Now it is all chaos also after his second wife plans to make it public that they are together. This issue leads Ragnar’s wife and her son to leave their dad despite his pleadings.

How can I watch this series for myself to check out everything?

We can not talk enough about this TV series but invite you all not to lose this TV series. You will not regret watching it. It would also be a perfect experience for those who have a taste of fighting and war. You can watch the 6th season of this TV series on the History channel.

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