beIN Sports | covering all of the sports worldwide

Monday, April 13, 2020
beIN Sports | covering all of the sports worldwide

One of the sports TV channels which has changed a lot of names in the history is beIN Sports which used to be known as beIN Sport, Al Jazeera Sport, and Lig TV. The to officials in this channel are Nasser Al-Khelaifi as its chairman and Yousef Al-Obaidly. The entire network is owned by beIN Media Group.

How did beIN Sports start its activity and what was the main reason for it to take off?

Just like any other start-up, beIN Sports started very small. The first broadcast rights they bought was for the soccer Ligue 1 in France when they became joint broadcasters of the domestic matches together with Canal+. After this, it spread all across Europe and then the entire world. The reason it started in France was that there were no dedicated sports channels.

beIN Sports became so popular very fast but faced a lot hurdles!

After doing great in France, it spread out across the world and its official activity started from 2015. However, it was dominating the entire media in France leading them to block the network and withholding them from the broadcasting rights. It made a bundle very soon and Saudi Arabia banned it for a while in its country.

Despite all of its popularity, in 2019 it was about to be banned in Italy!

In the November of 2019 Serie A decided to play the match between Juventus and Lazio in Saudi Arabia. beIN Sports also thought of renewing his partnership with Italy. This would be a big hit for the Serie A league because beIN Sports was bringing it a lot of revenues.

What is beIN Media Group and where is it originally from?

beIN Media Group is an Arabic entertainment group which was founded in January 1, 2014 and has been broadcast in 5 continents, 43 countries and 7 languages. This network is located in Doha, Qatar and covers both pay TV and pay-per-view programs.

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