Tiger King | a true crime story about a zoo keeper

Sunday, April 12, 2020
Tiger King | a true crime story about a zoo keeper

Tiger King is known by its true sense of mayhem and madness. There are some individuals who catch the wild animals such as cats and isolate them in their own zoos claiming that they are protecting them from the harm of others. But some also say that they are exploiting the animals.

Joe and Baskin have had a long feud with each other!

Joe Exotic is the owner of this zoo and is said that he is very eccentric. There is also another person named Carole Baskin who also owns a zoo to protect the big cats. In appearance they try to maintain as colleagues but they are each others’ rivals in a very serious way in which they exchange threatening videos and harassment campaigns.

Who is Joe living with and what were the high positions he applied for?

As said earlier, Joe is thought of as a really strange person. We can see this strangeness in his personal life as he is living with two men and is married to them. He is very ambitious and ran for presidency in 2016 and also in 2018 ran for the governor of Oklahoma.

Who else is introduced in the animal community and are they also mean?

As the show develops, more characters come in and even if they are very straight people, they will turn into criminals. One of them is Bhagavan Antle who is has a mean and criminal character and later he gets accused of personality cult. The other individual is Mario Tabraue who used to be a drug trafficking high-up, later he became an informant for the government and now is in animal trafficking.

Carole Baskin rises in protest after she sees some of the episodes of the series!

Carole Baskingets mad after she sees some of the episodes of the show. The picture of the zoo keepers we see in the show is that they are mean people and are exploiting animals in any way possible. But when Carole Baskin sees the show herself, she gets angry and says that most of what is shown in the series is not true and they are just trying to tarnish their picture.

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