Peaky Blinders | the aftermath of the First World War

Saturday, April 11, 2020
Peaky Blinders | the aftermath of the First World War

Peaky Blinders is the story of the fictional Shelby family which was a group of young gangsters who would go into the city and exploit things. This group has been active ever since the 1890s century up to the early twentieth century.

Who is the head of the Peaky Blinders and what is he looking for?

The series is set in Birmingham, England. The head of this group is a guy named Thomas Shelby who leads the group of the gangsters. This group is one of the most dangerous criminal groups i the country. What makes them more dangerous is that Thomas is so ambitious and is looking to go beyond the streets and control the whole world.

Peaky Blinders get into a brutal confrontation with the Lee family!

As said earlier, Thomas is very ambitious and is trying to make his area of ruling wider. They come across a group named the Lee family who are gypsy travellers. Their leader is a guy named Billy Kimber who is notorious because who has a horse racing which has turned into an empire all across the country. They try to strike a deal with each other but they clash.

Thomas and his group are caught in the crossfire!

Thomas is in illegal activities and, as you might tell, the risks and threats in their business is very high. Thomas was trying to make a gun deal with a group named IRA but they were very anxious about the deal. While the IRA members were out, they get attacked and one of them is shot dead. As a result the IRA members suspect the Peaky Blinders while they were in the dark.

Despite all of the struggles and talks, the Peaky Blinders and the Lee family is still there!

The two dangerous groups have been struggling for quite a while. Thomas’s brother John wants to marry a prostitute. But in order to end the fight between themselves and the Lee family, Thomas married John off to a girl from the Lee family. All of these changes and decisions happen in a long time and not overnight.

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