Little America | take a quick look into immigrants lives

Saturday, April 4, 2020
Little America | take a quick look into immigrants lives

There are many people in today’s world who would like to travel to other countries or even immigrate. But most of them probably not so aware of the inside daily affairs of them. But the TV show Little America has tried to do this by bringing us into the lives of the immigrants living in United States and sowing us the funny, romantic and also inspiring seconds.

The series begins with Kabir coming to US and trying to improve his English!

The first episode of this TV series starts with a young boy named Kabir who has come to US with his parents. The first word which he heard in there Deportation and he immediately went to look it up in the dictionary. His father said that he would buy him a car if he learns English completely. His parents went back to their own country and Kabir also ended up growing up and living in the same Inn they came to at first.

Marisol gets into trouble at school but it is all for the best!

Marisol is a young girl who is working with his family in a rich man’s house. One day his brothers faces a racial insult. This makes her angry but she tries to get herself under control. However she loses her temper at school one day. She joins a squash team because there are free shoes and this was the start for her to go after what she is talented for.

Iwegbuna gets into conflict with his teacher and this brings out his gift!

Iwegbuna has come to US and ow is an adult. He got into a conflict with his teacher one day and this made both of them very angry. He went to a store and bought a Cowboy hat with a pair of boots. He decided to go into the military and did so by becoming a TA in the US military.

Sylviane’s story makes the best episode in these series!

Sylviane is a young girl who has come to US but the problem she has is that she can not connect with others easily. This has put a shadow on her life. In one of the sessions of the meditation class, she meets a man named Jack who changes her life. They eventually get married and have a wonderful life together.

Do not miss this TV show if you are also one of those who likes to go to another country!

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