The Plot Against America | a TV show about the history of the United States

Wednesday, April 1, 2020
The Plot Against America | a TV show about the history of the United States

Every country experiences some ups and downs after certain people come into power. The Plot Against America is trying to explain the same story after Charles Lindbergh became the president of the United States and moved the country towards fascism. This story is told through the eyes of the working class in the country who suffer the most from these changes.

Herman and Bess get so anxious after they find out about the neighborhood they are living in!

Herman and Bess, the father and mother of the family, are Jews and one day they go to see a new house which they want to buy. As they drive in the neighborhood, they go past some places full of Jews which make them think of how it would be if Jews are living in a fascistic neighborhood.

The worry does not finish here as Herman goes to work and hears something new!

The day after that, Herman goes to work and his colleague comes to him saying that Charles Lindbergh is running for presidency and that he is against Jews. He also watches Lindbergh’s speech on TV saying how he views Jews. This makes Herman outrageous causing him to reach out to his neighbors discussing the potential danger awaiting them.

Alvin and his father go to Alvin’s boss and try to apologize to him for what Alvin has supposedly done!

It has been for a few days that Alvin has been fired. Now he and his father go to his boss to discuss why. His boss says that he has been stealing from him. His father goes off at Alvin but Alvin has told his brothers that he is innocent. Alvin leaves the house in anger and his father, after hearing that Alvin has said that he is innocent, goes after him to bring him home.

Alvin is out straggling when he meets his friend Shushy who is beaten black and blue!

Alvin is now homeless. While he is on the streets, he encounters his friend Shushy who is bruised because he has been beaten for being a Jew. Shushy offers Alvin a bed to stay and the next day they go to the pub of the fascists and beat up some of the drunk men after they come out of the bar drunk.

Herman finds a new job for Alvin but it is found to be even worse than the previous one!

Herman finds a new job for Alvin as the driver of Abe Steinheim. Abe is a very arrogant man and this makes him very jittery. It also causes Alvin to get into an argument with his dad. But finally Alvin decides to confront Abe in which he shoots off his mouth at him.

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