Watch live TV

Most of us, when we here that something is being played live, think that it is happening right now, like sporting events, musics, news,etc. and we are watching them on TV, social media, our digital devices like cell phones, tablets, etc. or listening to them on radios.

But live TV is not limited to just these. Even the series, movies, and documentaries are also considered live shows because they are being played in front of you.

In the recent days, we are also seeing some live videos from regular people on the social media such as Instagram, and Facebook which is filmed right at the time they are doing that action.

However, if you want to watch the public programs like movies, TV series, live sporting shows, and many more, you have to have permission or as we call it license to be able to watch them. Some examples would be that you are not allowed to broadcast the programs of a specific channel on your own platform and show it to others or record a program and then sell it to others. The same thing is true about the educational and training video packages which you have to buy from its original producer and should not get the copy of them or even you yourself copy those programs and sell them to others. That is the reason why we see this phrase “All rights reserved” written down on the beginning pages of a program.

As just said earlier, there are two ways to stream these live programs. The first one is the regular TV  or radio which we can buy and stream the live programs on them. The second one is the new generation of live streaming service called “iptv” which is the abbreviation of “Internet Protocol Television”. What this service does is that it provides you with live TV programs and the advantage of this new media is that it provides you with a new kind of live streaming which you can use on any platform you like including PCs, laptops, cell phones, Xbox, and others.

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