Video on demand

In the early stages, after TVs were invented, all of the shows, like news, sporting events, contest shows, discoveries, movies, and TV series would only be shown on TVs and once these programs are broadcast on TV, you can watch them at their own specific time which they are aired and later you might be able to watch their reruns. But after that you would have no access to them, especially movies and TV series, in order to watch them again.

Years after the invention of TVs, we saw Compact Disks ( CD ) come into the market where we could record all of the programs we liked and then copy them on those CDs to be able to watch them later and also give them to others.

In the recent days, a new media has come into the market which will not only give you access to all of the live TV channels which are being broadcast on cable and Satelite TVs and radios but also it has a separate section named as VOD ( Video on Demand ) which varies from one iptv to another. VODs are the movies and TV series or other shows, depending on the iptv provider, which have been recorded from decades ago and you can buy them from your iptv providers in order t watch them.

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