How to add IPTV channels to AVOV

This is tutorial for TVonline app made by Avov that is similar to Stalker portal.

1.Start by clicking on the "Live TV" icon from the main menu. If you are doing this for the first, it will bring you to the servers setting section. If the servers setting section doesn't appear automatically, follow the below steps.

2.Go to the "Settings" section from the main menu.

3.Now select "SERVER SETTING" and proceed to the next section.

4.Now in the "Server Name" insert a name and it can be anything you want and in the "Server URL" insert the portal address which can be obtained from your IPTV provider and then click on "Connect". Your device mac address must be registered in side the IPTV providers server.

Please note, you can also use username and password inside your m3u line and connect to the servers. However, using the MAG portal is way simpler.

5.You can see now that the channels are being loaded to your set up box.

6.Now head back to the main menu and click on "Live TV" icon.

7.You can now click on any channel based on each category and start watching live channels.

If you have any more problems, you can ask the online support. Thank you for following us.

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