24h Trial

Our IPTV offers 4K and HD quality LIVE TV channels from all over the world. We offer a 24-hour free trial to our new members which they can use to get familiar with our services. In this page, we are going to show you the steps which you need to follow to recieve our free gift.

1.On the TOP RIGHT hand side, you see the button “Register”. Click on it.

2.Next you will see the page below where you need to enter your details and click on “Create my account”. ( keep in mind that you must enter an authentic Email because after this you will receive an Email in which you have to confirm your identity. Also your password must be at least 6 characters.)

3.After that, you will see the page which is asking you to check your Email to confirm the Email which is sent to you.

Note: it might take 1 to 5 minutes to receive this Email and if you do not see it in your inbox, you need to check your spam too. If after 5 minutes you have not received any Emails, then you need to check with our online support.

4.This is the Email which will be sent to you and in the middle of this page you see the word “Link” which you need to click on.

5.After you click on the word “Link” you will see the page below which means that you have successfully created your account. Now you must click on the button “Click here to log in” to log into your account.

6.Next, you will see the page which is asking you to enter your Email address and password to log in.

7.After you log in, in the middle of the Home page you will see the three plans plus a 24h Trial. In order to use the 24h Trial, click on “Get started now”.

8.After that you will go into the page below where you need to click on “Get the gift” to try our 24h Trial.

9.After you click on "Get the gift" you will automatically go into the "Connection update" page where you need to update your connection to create the m3u file.

Note: If you did not go into that page, you can go in using the button "Client Area" on the TOP RIGHT hand side.After you click on "Client Area", you will need to click on "Connection Update" button in order to go into the update page.

9.1 Click on the button "Update" in order to both generate and at the same time update your M3U.

9.2 After you have clicked on "update" you will see this progress bar which is being completed.

9.3 After the progress bar is completed, you will see this copy sign appear here which you can click on in order to copy your M3U and paste it on your platform.

If you need more training on how to use the m3u file in other platforms, Click Here.

Also you can go into the "Client Area" page in order to manage your user account.

If you have any more problems, you can ask the online support. Thank you for following us.

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