Internet Radio

Internet radio is the opposite point to network radio. Network radio is owned by the government which has the license to produce some programs and present them to the public. The other limitation in the network programs is that some of its programs are not international and can not be broadcast to the individuals outside of that country and only the people inside that country are able to listen to the programs.

On the other hand, we have internet radio which is not country-bound and all of the individuals can listen to the programs from any country in the world. The other advantage of internet radio is that it does not need any license and any individual or organization can publish its own programs.

Carl Malamud was the inventor of internet radio. In 1993, she produced the first internet radio program which was a talk-show and the only platform then, which was able to play this program, was computer. This talk show was also with  computer expert who would come on the show and discuss computer-related matters. Later, it developed more and more and we saw more varieties of programs on them like concerts and this time all of the individuals were able to have their own radio station.

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